Beth'tilac, The Red Widow
14th July 2011

This spider's web will spin no more, the widow's down for our loot whores!

Lord Rhyolith
14th July 2011

Rhyolith got stomped! Down with the magma lord!

Houndmaster Shannox
4th July 2011

Beastmaster of the Firelands, tamed and looted!

Nefarian the Defeated
30th May 2011

...and stay dead this time!

~Halfass the broken~
20th Dec 2010

When all else fails release everything, tank it, and AoE it..simple concept and fun! well done lads 2 in a single night, a special thanks to everyone who stayed past raid time to get him down!

Omnitron the Owned now lies at our feet!
20th Dec 2010

The pain of wipes can be frustrating at times but just remember it was worth it once it was down was it not? well done ladies and gents was a well earned kill this 1 was very very smoooooth :)

Expansion News
7th December 2010

The Cabal journeys on into the Cataclysm and beyond, to slay Deathwing and return peace to Azeroth once more!

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update: 12.05.09

To be a medium sized raiding guild with the purpose of clearing all instances and downing all bosses. We centralize raid time around Australian prime time, however we also cater to people who play outside of those times. We look for loyalty and dedication above anything else in our members and endevour to create a culture where the guild is more important that the individual.

Darky's Featured Screeny!

And now for a little nostalgia... When the guild went and got all our 25 ICC drakes together! Fun times :)


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